Roman Caerleon: Mapping Isca

Between 2006 and 2011, Dr Tim Young of GeoArch completed a campaign of extensive geophysical surveys at Caerleon, investigating all the remaining open ground within the fortress as well as large areas outside its walls to the west. Discoveries include at least 18 previously unknown military buildings beneath Priory Field and School Field inside the fortress, including barracks, granaries, stores and a very large metal workshop

One of the most exciting discoveries was the identification of a complex of very large monumental buildings outside the fortress between the River Usk and the Amphitheatre. This new suburb was completely unknown and it is a major addition to our knowledge of Roman Britain

Caerleon geophysics results
student using geophysical equipment

The surveys were carried out by undergraduate archaeologists from Cardiff University on training placements during Easter vacations. Students learned how to lay out survey grids and how to use a variety of geophysical equipment

This project is now finished. You can read about the results in Tim Young’s report on the GeoArch website (Young, T. 2012. Geophysical Surveys in Caerleon, Newport, 2007-2011. Geoarch Report 2012/05)

The surveys in Priory Field and School Fields have been published in 2 articles in the journal Archaeologia Cambrensis – offprints are available here and here