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More than 30,000 Roman coins identified and published for commercial units, museums and universities

Integrated reports combining numismatic and archaeological data, often leading to new insights and greater understanding of the excavated settlements

25 excavated Roman coin assemblages from the UK published, including numerous villas and rural settlements in southern England and Wales, as well as London, Caerleon, Water Newton and Elms Farm / Heybridge

Roman bronze coin archaeology
Gold solidus Honorius Hoxne Treasure

Specialist in Roman coin hoards and hoarding practices

The volume The Late Roman Gold and Silver Coins from the Hoxne Treasure (2005), includes a full catalogue of the 15,234 late 4th- and early 5th-century coins, together with an in-depth discussion of the production and supply of late Roman coinage. Hoxne’s silver coins are particularly interesting, and the book also contains ground-breaking discussions of the silver content of late Roman currency as well as of the peculiarly British phenomena of coin clipping and copying

Published numerous other Roman coin hoards, as well as broader discussions of coin use as well as hoarding more generally

Published the Iron Age and Roman Coins from Wales project, which includes records of over 50,000 coins from nearly 1,200 separate finds. The complete IARCW data is available on the ADS website

Understanding past societies through their fascinating archaeological remains
Sharing new discoveries, knowledge and ideas





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